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Holiday Maker: Don't let sun loungers ruin your holiday

Published on 10 June 2018  | Download | back to previous

Young's Spinal Health warns that lying on a sun-lounger can result in back pain and injury.

“Each year, we see patients returning from holiday with back or neck pain. Some have over-exerted themselves lifting luggage; others have tried new activities without properly warming up and others complain of their necks or backs seizing up. This can happen if holiday-makers spend a lot of time lying in awkward, twisted positions on a sun-lounger, either trying to read or to get a different angle to the sun.” “When you get up, or try to turn over from these positions, you can find that your back or neck seizes up. That’s when you need chiropractic treatment to help with the injury. Unfortunately, if you are away from home, back pain can end up ruining your holiday.” Young's Spinal Health offers the following top tips to avoid back pain on holiday:


Try to relax while travelling: tension often manifests itself as back and neck pain. Breathe deeply and stretch regularly and whenever possible. Drink lots of water. And remember to do your gentle mobilisations or movements especially if you are sitting on trains planes or automobiles.


Use lightweight luggage with wheels if possible for both hand luggage and suitcases Minimise the contents of your luggage to keep it as light as possible Be careful when lifting bags on/off conveyor belts at airports – avoid twisting and lifting; bend at the knee and use your legs, not your back, to take the strain. Or even ask for help.


Warm up first Be aware of the impact of unfamiliar activities on your back and neck; ensure that you do stretching exercises after exertion Sun-Loungers Don’t twist or contort yourself in order to read or change your angle to the sun Avoid lying around for long periods of time – this is not what you usually do and your body isn’t trained up for it! Get up and move around regularly Don’t lie flat on your stomach and arch your back Ideally, lie on your back, straightened out, but with your knees bent to take the pressure off your back If you are unlucky enough to trigger a back injury, book in with either Sian Lowe or Laura Young at Young's Spinal Health as soon as you return. Here's to happy pain-free holidays.

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