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Full Patient Story - M. Hiett

Published on 18 April 2012  | Download | back to previous

Like most people I assumed that as you got older, aches and pains were part of the journey and despite having an energetic lifestyle, I assumed some issues were irreversible.

Whilst driving I found joining motorways proved to be difficult as the mobility to look over my right shoulder became more and more restrictive and I suspect the challenge of hand knitting a man's jumper in the space of a few days proved to be the final straw when my right arm started to slowly cease up also.
I would have carried on as normal, ignoring the problem and working around it, but the turning point was playing darts for my local team.

As a team we would never make the Lakeside but it is nice to be able to play and actually get your darts to hit the dart board! This became increasingly more difficult as time went on and instead of the problem subsiding, it intensified.

My team mate suggested I let Laura have a look to see if she could help and after several weeks of intense treatment, Laura managed to restore my mobility in my neck, shoulder and arm.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of neglecting mobility problems and allowing acute issues to become chronic. I now take the same approach as I do to my dental care – if you have regular check-ups, and nip problems in the bud – Bulls-eye!

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