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Can Chiropractic help With Headaches?

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This is an image from this news item.Chiropractic is a low risk, hands on approach for dealing with a variety of disorders. Some of which you may not automatically think about, and headaches are one of them. As with all medical conditions, there are many classifications, in fact there are 150 diagnostic classifications for headaches. Chiropractic is not suitable for all but it is suitable for some of the more common varieties, including migraines and cervicogenic headaches (headaches resulting from neck pain).

Both of which are highly prevalent, recent research shows between 22-25% of adults suffer from cervicogenic headaches, with women being four times as likely. And migraines stand at around a 5-12% of the overall population.

Cervicogenic headaches can arise from relatively common irritants including, poor posture, whiplash, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements or repetitive strain injuries. Aspects of life that most of us can associate with. It is through a series of abnormal muscle and joint movements and heightened pain sensitive nerve signals within neck pain that develop into a headache. In a nutshell, the brain gets confused as to the location of the pain and it presents in the head, often as a one sided head pain around the eye.

A cervicogenic headache can also act as a preceding factor for migraines and can lead to an increase in the frequency, duration and severity of pain during a migraine attack. Once a migraine has started, many patients state there is little that improves the symptoms indicating prevention is better than reactive treatment in such instances.

Chiropractors are ideally placed to treat cervicogenic headaches as we are concerned with improving the function of joints and their supportive tissues. When your chiropractor is treating you for migraines he or she is looking to affect 2 of the 3 main aspects. (Frequency, Duration and severity of pain.) We often find this dramatically reduces patients discomfort and improves quality of life.

The British Chiropractic Associate suggests that manual therapy is a low risk intervention that may offer relief to those who do not wish to take medication.

So, if you or someone you know is suffering, then contact Young's Spinal Health. With our mobile operation we will arrange an appointment you at your convenience. Take control of your health today and make some positive changes.

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