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Posture, Posture, Posture!!

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Posture, Posture, Posture!!Posture is extremley important, not only can it create back and neck pain but it can also prolong and exacerbate existing instances of these aches and pains.

For this reason, it is a problem that is often seen in Chiropractic clinics, so postural advice plays a large role in any treatment plan.

Small postural improvements result in major major benefits to the body, please see below for some general advice on improving your posture.

Don't just sit there
  • A lack of exercise is your worst enemy. Regular exercise is essential as the fitter you are, the less likely you are to injure yourself.
  • Do not sit for prolonged periods. After 20-30 mins of sitting at a desk, get up and move around.Simple activities such as stretching and shoulder shrugging can all help to keep your back in line.
  • If you are sat at a desk, ensure your chair is close to the desk and the right height for you. At no point should your knees be higher than your hips. Use a chair with back support, arm rests and a swivel function.
  • Those big squishy comfy sofas aren't always recommended for the low back. Again your hips should be higher than you knees and you shouldn't lean to one side. If you find you do, get a foot rest and lean back into the chair.
Give your posture a sporting chance
  • Any unaccustomed exercise can put you at risk of back pain. You might only play a relaxed, low-risk sport once a week, but you still need to prepare yourself sufficiently – mentally and physically.
  • Warming up and warming down is essential to ensure that your joints and muscles don't get a shock.
Don't drive yourself around the bend
  • Driving long distances for work, on the school run or picking up the monthly shop,the last thing on our minds is the state of our backs whilst in the driving seat.What many people do not realise is that There is almost twice as much pressure on your back when you are sitting, so stop regularly and allow the body to recover.
  • When you are driving try not to hunch over the wheel, and yet again, make sure you are high enough that your knees are positioned no higher than you hips. you may need to make use of an extra cusion.
Remember, we are dynamic creatures, we are designed to move. Take a look at the image to the right it depicts 2 different postures. The one on the left is typical of many a modern day posture whereas the one to the right is what we should be aiming for.

If you are suffering aches and pains or have concerns with your posture, please contact Dr. Laura Young M(Chiro) on 01656 856162 or e-mail

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